My First Video Game

In fact, it’s rather my first graphical game. Before that, I made some textual games during my High School years (more or less, RPG with choices). This one’s called Five Or More. It was my first student project in computer science (a few months after I started my studies). We made it with two friends, Yann Christeaut and Mathieu Desroches. The goal was to create a game using the Python language and the PyGame library in a week. It also served as an introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP).




Five Or More is a turn-based one-player board game. The game uses an infinite number of colored pieces. Each turn three pieces are randomly put onto the board. The player can move a piece on another reachable free square. If five or more pieces of the same color are aligned (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), the pieces are removed from the board, and the player gains points. The player loose the game if the board is full.

We mainly work in pair programming on the same computer. We learned a lot about OOP and how to use a library to display things on the screen. It was a really fun first project. It is very important for me, because it convinced me that I wanted to use computer science to create fun and artistic things like video games. Just after this project, I tried to create a memory game with the same library.


And you ? What was you first video game ?

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