Colonization is a SHMUP I made during one of my first game jams in solo, the Mini Ludum Dare 69. The theme was “Colonization”. I choose not to talk about the colonization of a civilization, but instead of the liberation from colonizers.

It takes place in the future in space, you embody a rebel defying an empire. The player will liberate planets, one by one, until the liberation of its own planet, the earth.

The game is more about aiming (score decreases each time the player shoots) with the ship and quickly escape (projectiles and enemy ships are fast) instead of avoiding a lot of projectiles like in bullet-hell games. To make progression more interesting, the player will have to choose one of two upgrades for his ship, at each planet.

I made the sounds and musics using LMMS and Audacity, I designed the mechanics and made the level design, and finally implemented it. I take all graphics from the asset store.

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