The Fuse

The Fuse is a game we developed with strange guys I didn’t know before, for the Global Game Jam 2017. The theme was Waves. I participated on Game Design and Programming.

Two players control the same character with two game pads. Each one applies a force on the character that makes him move in a direction. The goal is to attach the fuse on a bomb placed at the end of the room, and come back to the starting point before the bomb explodes. The longer the fuse, the more time you have to come back. However, there are a lot of active conveyor belts that will disturb the movement, and at worst send the character into deadly electric fences. The players have to synchronize their movements to make the longer fuse possible, without crossing it, which will naturally lead to a sort of wave shape (this is the relationship with the theme, yes it is). It’s interesting to note that I tried to create a circular level, but it wasn’t playable at all (too hard to not cross the fuse).


I didn’t sleep a lot (but have the chance to sleep at my home nearby, I even took a shower !), I wasn’t in my little comfort at home, I wasn’t with my super powerful computer and I didn’t made my homework BUT It was super ultra awesome.

I met very interesting people and learned to know them to finally create a game with them. I received a lot of good advice, and discovered a lot of great ideas. I will do it again for sure.

I want to thank my great team for that jam :

Antoine Iturbide – Explosive game designer and travelator FX artist.

James Petit – Impossible difficulty designer and electro sound designer.

Damien Crechet – The Fuse™ programmer.

Adrien Pothier – Coffee guy.

And of course I want to thank Movida Production that hosted the jam. Thank you to all participants.

Here is the game page where you can download and try the game (only works with two players).

This is a video from the game jam made by the organizers.

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