CubeCore is my first released casual game on mobile platform : Design a game, develop it, test it, distribute it and promote it. The game is simple, but the goal was to make a finished game, not a prototype.


The core is an extra-terrestrial entity which produces great quantities of energy. This energy is harmful for the earth atmosphere. To save the earth, scientists invented a jail composed by several cubes. Theses cubes are made with a special material that can resist to the core energy. However, because of the huge power of the core energy, the cubes cannot completely seal the core. You, the keeper of the core, have to use the cubes to confine the core energy.


The player’s goal is to confine the core the much longer possible to make the better score. He does that by touching the cubes which are being rejected by the core before they are destroyed. The difficulty increases with time, as the cubes resists less longer and the core rotates faster.

Disponible sur Google Play

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