Dark Valiance

Dark Valiance is a Survival Boss Fight RPG with turn based battles. There is no Farming, no Dungeons to explore, no surprise battles and it’s totally linear. The particularity resides in its specials Dark Powers, its story and the way battles are managed.

I made it during the RPG Maker Jam with RPG Maker MV, the theme was Contagion.

RPG Maker Alliance playing Dark Valiance (start at 8:46)

I learned to use a new tool, RPG Maker MV, good for beginners thanks to its graphical interface, but powerful because of the versatility of its engine, that I modified for my needs using JS. I don’t think he’s good enough for professional game production where we want great modularity for low cost.

It was very interesting to balance the battles, items and classes, to make 2D tiled mapping and creating

You can find my devlogs about the game :

Download the game here!

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