Floppy Bug

Floppy Bug is Strategic Shooter 3D Game made for the Floppy Jam 2018. The goal is to create a complete and original game fitting on a floppy disk uncompressed, that is to say 1.44MB (surely less than your profile picture). The game won the Design and Quality prices, but placed second for Gameplay.

We worked two weeks on this project, Vincent created the OOM, a very lightweight game engine. I designed the gameplay mechanics, taking into account the heavy technical constraints, and constantly adapting the design to the technical problems. I also design the level directly in code, and implementing a large part of the mechanics (C++ on home made game engine).

To save the game, Jean Henri the programmer (the best guy) created you, a super virus. Your mission is to destroy artists assets before they overload the floppy disk.

Assets come from 4 doors, and 4 corridors in direction of the floppy disk. The player can shoot at them to destroy them (Shooter), but the most effective way is to use the integrated console, and type in commands that lock doors or stop assets progression in the corridors temporally, etc (Strategy).

Get the game here !

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