A meta what?

Tae.exe is a meta game where the player modifies the game’s files to resolve puzzles in the game. Help Tae to get out of the metaverse, a gliched dimension between video games. Think outside the game!


I created the concept and first implemented it during the Digital Art Jam 2017 under the name “Think outside the game” (read an article about it here). The idea was inspired by a visit at the National Museum in Paris, in particular about Comtemporary art. I wanted to break the rules of standard video games, as Comtemporary artists do.

Development at CNAM Enjmin

I proposed the concept for a student project at the CNAM ENJMIN, and it was accepted. A team was put together to create “Tae.exe”. We made a more advanced prototype for the Meta Game Jam and won the “Uniqueness of metaness” prize. After that, we worked on the game until the release date in june. The game was really appreciated by the school and the jury and is now shown on the school booth at events like Game Camp, IndieCade, PGW, Innovation day at Ubisoft Lab, etc…

My work

As the only Game Designer on the project, I worked on many different things on the game. I created a world where the game would take place, with a plot that would support the metaness of the game. I wrote the dialogues, and made the character design with the artists. Together we created a visual identity for the game, again in order to support the metaness. I made all the puzzles and levels, trying to balance them as best as I could, and to make them coherent with the world and plot. I wanted the player to feel like he has something to do because of the plot, not like he was just resolving series of puzzles. Finally, I worked a lot on managing the team and the community, trying to reach the more players possible. I’m very proud of my work, but even more of what we created together.

What’s next?

The game is a success for a student project, with about 12 000 downloads. As a lot of ideas were not used in this student version, and maybe I’ll create another game based on the same concept.

Get the game here!


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