Our Land

Our Land is a Strategy and Management game about nomadism and environment balance. It takes place on an hexagonal grid, in a constantly evolving environment with limited resources (animals, vegetation, minerals). The player embodies a nomadic tribe trying to survive. Each choice he makes can critically impact the ecosystem, leading to species extinction or climatic changes.

Get the game here!

Our Land Fake screen (WIP)

It’s a 5 month student project, currently in progress. For now, we’re working on designing the multiple interconnected systems and the player’s interactions.

One page design Our Land Player
One page design – Player (WIP)
One page design – Ecosystem (WIP)
Machinations diagram representing the food and reproduction system (WIP)
First presentation of the project at the CNAM ENJMIN in 2018 (start at 34:15)
Theme of Our Land (WIP)


Game Designers
Corinne Le Toquin
Paul Gaston
Darenn Keller

Game Artists
Romain Navazo

Damien Créchet
Thomas Giro

UI/UX Designer
Sara Jaafar

Sound Designer
Raphaël Marchetti

Project Manager
William Désert

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