Our Land

Our Land is a Strategy and Management game about nomadism and environment balance. It takes place on an hexagonal grid, in a constantly evolving environment with limited resources (animals, vegetation, minerals). The player embodies a nomadic tribe trying to survive. Each choice he makes can critically impact the ecosystem, leading to species extinction or climatic changes.

Our Land Fake screen (WIP)

It’s a 5 month student project, currently in progress. For now, we’re working on designing the multiple interconnected systems and the player’s interactions.

One page design Our Land Player
One page design – Player (WIP)
One page design – Ecosystem (WIP)
Machinations diagram representing the food and reproduction system (WIP)
First presentation of the project at the CNAM ENJMIN in 2018 (start at 34:15)
Theme of Our Land (WIP)

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