Hi, my name’s Darenn, nice to meet you!

I’m a game designer interested in game systems, level design, digital arts, metaness, anime, artificial intelligence (AI), procedural content generation (PCG), and virtual reality (VR).

In fact, I’m rather a student for now. I studied computer science in France for three years, with half a year in Canada. I’m currently studying game development at the ENJMIN (National school of game and interactive digital medias) in France.

I made two internships in video game development. The first one was at Beam Me Up Games, a Canadian video game studio based in Montreal, specialized in VR (Read a post about it here). The second one at XIWEN studio, a French video game studio based in Nantes, specialized in edutainment (Read a post about it here). I had the chance to work on VR games in both of them.

I used to play the guitar, bass and piano, but it’s hard to find time these days. I like many different music genres, but my favorites are alternative/electric rock and Future Funk/Swing electro. I like running, it is a good way to think and to feel healthy (mostly because I’m always on my computer though…). I’m a great fan of Japanese anime and cultural works that deal with AI, computer science and fantastic worlds. I love Role Playing Game (RPG), and more precisely the ones that let the player makes meaningful choices that change the story and how game entities react to the player.

Why did I create this website ? It’s a way for me and for others to easily see what I’ve done, what I am doing and who I am. It makes me work my writing style (especially in english, which isn’t my native language) and trains me to explain, to conceptualize and to see things with hindsight. I need to share with people, to communicate, and it’s a good way of doing so.

Hope to see you soon!


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